Services for Contractors

Public-Private Partnership (P3) Services: 1) Scientext will work with the P3 owner’s team to prepare project-specific output specifications and submittal criteria, or 2) work with the P3 respondent consortium in preparing input specification responses to the project output specifications, subsequently prepare the detailed Construction Documents (CD) phase tender packages on behalf of the successful P3 consortium, and assist in responding to Requests for Information and Proposed Changes during the project.

Traditional Construction (Construction Management, Stipulated Sum): Scientext™ will work with construction managers, general contractors and/or trades to review contract documents and specifications to identify risks in the project documentation, and potential trouble-spots in the wording that may generate misinterpretation or create conflict risks during the progress of the work. Scientext™ can also help identify trouble-spots in the documentation to assist construction managers or general contractor’s in anticipating claims for extras from trade contractors, or assist trade contractor’s in identifying legitimate opportunities for trade contract growth inherent in the project documentation.

Key Service Features

  • Performance Criteria
  • RFP Compliance Requirements
  • RFP Submission Requirements
  • Constraints
  • Output Specifications
  • Outcome Descriptions
  • Risk Assessments of Bid Documents and Contract Documents
  • Specifications Trouble-Spot Analyses
  • Identification of Drawing/Specification Disconnects
  • Construction Documents Phase Architectural Specifications
  • Tender Documents and Architectural Technical Specifications