Nova Scotia SPCA

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Scientext Technical Writing | Nova Scotia SPCA

Scientext Technical Writing Ltd. is a proud and continuing sponsor of a kennel at the Nova Scotia SPCA in Halifax, part of their ‘Sponsor a Kennel Program’; helping out those who cannot speak for themselves is something we strongly support! The picture added with this post is of Molly, a 17-week old feral cat we adopted from the Shelter. Scientext especially supports their vision: “. . . that Nova Scotia be a no-kill province and a safe place for all animals with zero tolerance for animal cruelty.”  One cannot be involved with the design community for 30+ years as I have, specifying hospitals, medical clinics and long-term care facilities, and not be aware of the needs and importance of animals. For designers in the healthcare sector, the Eden Alternative, which recognizes the importance of animals in life and their place in caring facilities, is known. Assisted Living facilities that embrace the Eden Alternative have been leaders in happier and more satisfying lives for residents. An organization such as the SPCA understands that animals need a voice, support and love, and Scientext is pleased to join the many organizations that lend a hand.