Testimonials and Endorsements

New Niagara Falls Entertainment Centre, Niagara Falls, Ontario: A DBFM (Design, Build, Finance, Maintain) project, the work involves the construction of a new 5,000 seat amplified auditorium for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, including ancillary structures, selective renovations at connections to the existing Fallsview Casino, and related site works. It is a complicated project involving multiple stakeholders, 765 drawings and 4,332 pages of documents, and coordination of many systems and assemblies. Scientext™ was engaged to prepare the architectural discipline specifications in accordance with OLGC and DBFM consortium requirements. A sequentially tendered fast-track delivery method project, a number of construction packages have been tendered and awarded, with the remaining scheduled. The project has passed the 100% Construction Documents phase, and as of August 2018, a number of the tender packages are under construction.

“Scientext was retained by our company (Petroff Partnership Architects) to write the technical specifications for the new Niagara Falls Entertainment Centre in Niagara Falls, ON. . . . Scientext worked tirelessly with us to select appropriate materials and methods to arrive at a superior design in terms of constructability, functionality and sustainability.” – Lee Strickland, OAA, Senior Project Director (2018)

The Technical Reviewer for the firm who is a Senior Associate with 40 years experience had the following to say concerning the same Niagara Falls Entertainment Centre project:

“Working with David Organ at Scientext has been a rewarding experience as he brings a wealth of knowledge & expertise to the preparation of his specification documents for our projects. His documents also follow recommended construction practices, common sense, a logically & consistent format as well as provide a clear & fair outline of the work to be provided.” – David Abernethy, Senior Associate (2018)

The following is from an email sent to one of my architectural clients from a Dalhousie University Project Manager. Their email read as follows:

“Something to make you smile. I just received a great phone call from the person at Procurement who handles our toughest tenders. She is quite meticulous, and will not hesitate to inform us about errors and omissions. She called me today, to tell me that the specs for your project, spelling and formatting included, were “almost to perfection” and that whoever wrote them did a great job. Knowing that this is very high praise coming from her, I promised to pass it on. Thank you! Perhaps you would like to let Scientext know, as well.” – Dalhousie PM (2018)

“We have worked with David over the past 3 years. Throughout, he has provided our team with sound advice and shared best practice experience. He is always open to going the extra mile, meeting every deadline and deliverable, and providing us with advice that makes our projects and our firm better at its core business.” – Phil Goodfellow, OAA, Partner (2018)

“I only worked a short time with David but in that short time David’s knowledge, experience and a keen eye for detail in the review of contract terms and conditions have led to improved bid solicitation documents and clearer contract language. Recently David took the lead in resolving an outstanding issue. David presented a solution that was acceptable to all parties and led to the satisfactory resolution of this matter. I wish David the best of fortune in his future endeavours.” – Joe Marotta, Assistant Procurement Manager, Metrolinx (worked with David at Transit Expansion Department)(2012).

“As a Manager, I found David to be a great leader and team player who is very knowledgeable in his field. As an individual, David is very considerate and sensitive to the needs of his team. You can always count on David for sound advice and a helping hand in difficult times. David also has a great sense of humour. I have no hesitation in recommending David for any management or senior management position he may seek.” – Omkar Prasad, C.P.P/CSCMP, C.P.M., CPPB, B.Sc., Sr. Contract Administrator, Comtech Design Group (reported to David at Transit Expansion Department)(2012).

“David has broad knowledge in procurement and project management. He contributed significantly as a procurement manager to Metrolinx’s multi-billion dollar rapid transit project. As Owner’s Manager overseeing project implementation, I would not hesitate to recommend David to other Project Teams.” Sampson Ho, Manager, Civil Infrastructure, Rapid Transit Implementation, Metrolinx (worked with David at Transit Expansion Department)(2012).

“David has demonstrated an ability to supervise, direct and monitor the performance of his staff members who provide both pre-award and post-award procurement services for the Transit Expansion project. He has displayed key skills in reviewing contract material, RFP template design and tender process engineering.


David leads his team in managing all litigation matters regarding his staff’s tenders and RFPs. David has demonstrated an ability to manage all internal/external stakeholder relations with professionalism and tactfulness when dealing with complex contractual issues. He has shown strength in workforce planning, workflow management and overall leadership.


Document writing is one of David’s greatest assets. He is able to analyze/review substantial material and execute written documents with relative ease. He is respected by his team member who finds him professional, humorous and witty. I would endorse David for any high-level position relating to project management in either the consulting, transportation or construction fields.” Paul Hudson, Senior Contract Administrator, Comtech Design Group (reported to David at Transit Expansion Department)(2012).

“David provides a leadership and management role in the execution of consulting and construction contracts for TTC/Metrolinx’s new $8Billion Transit Expansion development. His extensive experience in the construction industry offers solid guidance for appropriate RFP and contract development, including clear and concise legal language for the benefit of all parties. David’s approach to solving complex issues is also fresh and effective, in an ever-changing program of requirements for the new transit infrastructure.” Ted DuArte, Senior Contract Administrator, Comtech Design Group (reported to David at Transit Expansion Department)(2012).

“David is a people person with the necessary professional and technical skill sets that are required for an intricate and challenging project management environment. As a supervisor, he has keen eyes for details in producing documents for various multi-million dollar projects at TTC. He is a knowledgeable and articulate person that can provide services and add value to many project organisations.” Zinool Solomon MBA, MRICS, Senior Contracts Specialist / Estimator / Quantity Surveyor, Comtech Design Group (reported to David at Transit Expansion Department)(2012).

“I worked with David when we were both employed at Stantec in Edmonton. Although our time together was short, I have no reservations in endorsing David for his skills in specification working and for his depth of knowledge and experience in project management. I was particularly impressed with his initiative to develop a master specification for the corporation. It was David’s character and knowledge that drew people to him to seek advice and direction. I wish him well in all future endeavours. Richard Limmert, Principal at HDR Architecture Associates, worked directly with David Organ at Stantec.

“David Organ has a passion for Project Specifications and Project Management overall. During his time at Stantec Architecture Ltd., he took it upon himself to develop a thoroughly written game plan to create a master specification that reflects our values, our culture and would be a Stantec branded prototype that could be adapted and used in any our offices worldwide. David’s knowledge of specification and products is extensive and his loyalty to our company during his time here was unquestionable. David’s attention to detail is quite impressive and is very much responsible for the high quality of the specifications he produces. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity;” Ray Bindon, hired David in 2010.

“I have worked with David when he worked with a contractor and also as a Senior Spec Writer with a major architectural firm. I found David to be a highly motivated professional who has a wealth of experience. He has a wide knowledge of both the restoration and construction industries and understands the nuances of the building industry.” Gord Crix, Senior Technical Representative, Tremco, was a technical consultant to David at TTC.

“I’ve worked with David at B+H architects. He was an excellent resource for various information, always supportive and very much appreciated by all staff. I would recommend David for his expertise and as a great team member.” Gabi Savu, OAA, Gabi managed David Alexander indirectly at B+H Architects

“I was fortunate to work with David on developing successful small projects ($15 million and under) in 2008 while he was the Director of Specifications at B+H Architects. David, a contracts expert, is very knowledgeable in the preparation of specifications and administration of contracts. He was a great asset to the team and provided valuable advice and insight acquired through direct experience, certifications and general knowledge. I would welcome the opportunity to work with David again on any project.” Jason Crigger, Architectural Technologist, Jason worked with David Alexander at B+H Architects

“David was very organized and an excellent communicator, always a plus when working on multiple projects at the same time. He was a congenial colleague to work for and with.” February 27, 2012, Joan Woodward, Administrative Assistant-Specifications Department, B+H Architects, reported to David at B+H Architects.

“I had the good fortune of working with David Organ at Cohos Evamy. David worked as a specifier on a number of projects under my portfolio. David is a consummate dedicated professional that brought a wealth of knowledge to the projects, his position, and the firm as a whole. David is a friendly compassionate individual and was a pleasure to work alongside.” Andrew Macpherson, Designer / Project Manager, Cohos Evamy, worked directly with David at DIALOG.

“David is a hard working individual who was a senior specification writer with our firm. David has very strong organizational skills and is detailed oriented. He is a strong technical writer who provides high-quality work within deadlines thoroughly and accurately. He enjoys mentoring younger people, applies a strong research focus with his work and looks for the win-win scenario with all team members he works with.” January 5, 2011, Rob Adamson, Principal, Cohos Evamy, managed David indirectly at Cohos Evamy.

“David Organ was a specification writer working for P3A Architects in Regina when our office engaged them to do contract documentation for the interior gutting and full redevelopment including new building envelope and interior fit up for the Alvin Hamilton building in Regina and it is from that time that I write this recommendation. David was knowledgeable, conscientious and professional to work with, researching and providing suitable materials to help us achieve a superior building. His thorough specifications helped us to avoid tendering and contract administration problems with contractors as his specifications followed the in-depth guidelines we set and addressed the complex issues and building element execution details that were required.” March 2, 2012, Linda Olson Lipinski, Architect; “Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity;” hired David as a specification writer in 2002.

“David was a great asset to our team while with P3 Architecture and has a wealth of experience that will be an advantage to other organizations.” February 23, 2012, Patrick Kelly, Principal, Architect, P3 Architecture Partnership (P3A), managed David indirectly.